About us

About us

Benita Kodu AS is a company operating in the health care and social sector.

The vision of Benita Kodu is to be the most preferred elderly home, nursing care hospital and rehabilitation centre in Estonia. In daily operation, our mission is to provide clients with a service that meets their needs.

Benita Kodu was opened in 2008 and hosts a home for the elderly, nursing care hospital, rehabilitation centre and a medical rehabilitation centre, all in one building. The health care services provided by the company include nursing care and outpatient medical rehabilitation. Social services include a general care service provided outside home, i.e. helping people cope with daily activities in a homelike environment without personal assistance and in three different degrees of severity, and since 2020, a special care service. All residents, clients and patients have the opportunity to participate in joint activities, which take place at certain times of every working day. Rehabilitation services include social as well as work rehabilitation services.

It is important for Benita Kodu AS to improve the security of the patients suffering from dementia who are receiving general care services, and to offer them an adapted physical and psycho-social environment to ensure that they can cope in a respectful manner for as long as possible. For this, an extension accommodating 49 residents was opened in 2020.

Benita Kodu’s competitive advantage is a concept based on integrated services, great service culture, qualified and knowledgeable staff, and a needs-based and holistic person-centric approach. The cosiness of the entire complex, and the calm and silence provided by the environment and nature add extra value.

The management sets goals for implementing the quality policy, and by meeting these goals ensures the constant improvement of the management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2015.