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Dementia-friendly home

Dementia-friendly life in Benita Home

For providing a care service for people with dementia syndrome in a specifically adapted respectable, safe and homelike environment, a two-story extension with 1600 m2 of floor area and 49 bed spaces was completed in the spring of 2020.

The dementia-friendly building is surrounded by a secure garden with a summer house and four balconies resembling a winter garden, where the residents can spend time in the open air all the year round. Also, the residents can use thematic sitting room spaces offering more privacy, a separate activity room and a sensory room supplied with therapeutic equipment. All rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility. Our key priorities are maintaining a normal circadian rhythm, providing a sense of security and encourage reminiscence. The environment created specifically for people suffering from dementia provides them with sufficient opportunities for walking, performing their everyday actions and participating in activities they enjoy.

For further information contact Liis Niilo, e-mail: kodu@benita.ee

The service provided in the home specifically designed for people with dementia includes:

  • accommodation in a cosy single or twin bedroom
  • possibility of spending securely time outdoors
  • catering
  • care procedures and equipment
  • first aid medicaments
  • laundry service
  • cleaning rooms
  • common activities for people with dementia
  • use of therapeutic equipment
  • use of sensory room
  • watching TV in the bedroom
  • use of appropriate technical aids supporting mobility and coping
  • with the help and instruction of the recreational therapist, finding suitable methods for coping independently, when necessary
  • preparing an individual care plan
  • on workdays, counselling and monitoring of the treatment schedule by a nurse
  • performing basic nursing procedures

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